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CBC PROJECT RSS news is now available through the RSS service. With RSS you can take news and headlines, free of charge, and incorporate them into your preferred newsreaders and web logs.


What is RSS?
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an XML format for distributing and aggregating Web content. Using RSS, Web content providers like can create and disseminate feeds that include news links, headlines, summaries, and links back to for the full story.
RSS feeds are therefore the ideal method for learning the latest news while you work on other documents or other sites you visit.

How do I use RSS?
There are two typical methods for using RSS:
  • Using a program known as a news aggregator or reader to collect, update, and display RSS feeds
  • Incorporating RSS feeds into web logs
There are many free or commercial news aggregator or reader programs available for download. Other services are web-based and allow you to subscribe to RSS feeds and display the content inside your browser.

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